Golf certainly isn't the easiest of sports.  In fact it can be down right frustrating a lot of the time.  It's the lack of consistency that drives golfers mad.  One good drive off the tee followed by two topped iron shots and the brain starts churning, trying to line up those favorite "swing thoughts" to get back on track.  This can be an unsuccessful, vicious cycle that becomes all to familiar for most golfers.

My name is Chris Beedy and as a PGA Teaching Professional, it is my job to put your mind at ease and make golf more ENJOYABLE.  It's my mission to help you find the most effective way to play and swing the club, so that you're playing better and enjoying the game more.  

I am a firm believer that learning a new skill is a PROCESS.  When building a golf swing to become more efficient, new skills will be be learned and mastered.  I like to break this process into Three Stages, so you know what kind of coaching to expect along the way.

1st Stage: UNDERSTANDING (lightbulb) -- The learning process starts by giving you a simplified fact-based diagnosis of what is taking place in your golf swing. Here you gain the knowledge of why your golf game might be so inconsistent.  If you have never swung a golf club before this is where you will learn the "blue print" of how to make an efficient swing.  

2nd Stage: DEVELOPING (fixing) -- This is where we'll build a game plan to develop better technique.  With the introduction of each new swing concept, drills will be assigned to help engrain the new skill, so that it eventually becomes muscle memory.

3rd Stage: TRUSTING (Take to course) -- By now the swing or a particular swing concept feels comfortable and it's a matter of trusting it while on the course.

The good news is through the process of these three stages, there is no guesswork, or holding on to some false "swing thought" hoping to play better golf.  This process enables you to become aware of what it takes to build a better golf game and we'll certainly have some fun along the way!


  • Graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University's Professional Golf Management Program

  • PGA Certified

  • Taught over 8,000 Lessons during career